Whether you need to secure documents, receive offer acceptances with Aadhaar esign or get a contract executed, even when you are on the move, Truecopy does it all for you!


Universities Issue Marksheets, Transcripts, other student credentials.

Students apply online for their credentials such as Marksheets, Transcripts, etc. These requests are accessed by the relevant authority within the Educational institution, and approved / disapproved.

The requested document is generated (either from the form filled online by the student or obtained from the internal ERP system of the college.)

The document is made available to the student or designated receiver.

The student can choose to send documents directly from the Educational Institution to designated recipients such as Universities outside India (transcripts) or Employers. These digitally signed documents are sent directly from the issuing institution to the recipient, thereby guaranteeing their authenticity.


Companies Use Cloud-based / On-premise Solutions for signing and issuing Financial & HR docs

IT / BPO / KPO companies, Manufacturing companies and others issue thousands of paper documents annually to their employees, vendors and partners. Examples include: Invoices, Bills, Offer letters, Appraisal letters, Relieving letters, Experience letters, Contracts, etc.

Companies no longer need to issue paper documents after Govt. of India's DigitalIndia policy announcement. Now, these documents can be issued in a digitally signed electronic format, and acknowledgement from the document receiver can also be obtained in a digitally signed format.

Truecopy integrates into the existing ERP /IT systems of companies either via web-services interface or a file-based interface and can sign documents either with DSC or Corporate Signatures. The Omnisigner itself has an inbuilt document-generator using which the company can generate documents based on MS Word templates.

Documents can be digitally signed and emailed to employees or vendors, thereby saving the expense on paper, printing and archiving. Employees / Vendors in turn can counter-sign digitally the documents they receive and these are available for view by the company via a portal.

The system allows setting up multiple signers with assigned permissions for different document types.

Receiving Signed Documents from clients, partners

Documents such as employee applications, prospective client applications, contracts, bills, etc are sent to companies in paper form today.

Companies can setup a receiver link on their websites where such documents can be uploaded by applicants / clients in a digitally signed form.

All received documents can be searched / sorted / archived as necessary.

Financial Companies Use Aadhaar eSignatures

Financial companies have to deal with hundreds and thousands of documents that have to be signed by various parties.

Aadhaar-based Esignatures now allow Companies to obtain signed documents online.

Applicants E-sign their documents using their Aadhaar number & OTP as mandated by Govt of India. A single document can be signed by multiple parties as well.

Companies can view all received documents through a secure portal. It is also possible to search / sort the documents.

Using the Aadhaar-based Form-signer completely eliminates the use of paper. This means not having to print and archive docuemnts or spend the time searching through them.



Goods and services are exchanged online through auction sites, ecommerce portals, etc. In many of these cases, buyers and sellers are in geographically distant locations and do not meet in person. They arrive at an agreement defining the trade online.

The ESigner provides them a way to formalize such contracts online using the Aadhaar eSign capability promoted by Govt of India.

After the two parties formalize the document, one of them uploads the document ( DOC / PDF) and signs it online using his/her Aadhaar + OTP number. The counter-party can also sign the document online with his/her Aadhaar + OTP. The document signed by both parties then becomes available to both of them.

The entire online process can be completed within minutes.

The Aadhaar-based eSigner allows two individuals to sign a document electronically, as co-signatories. For example, these could be contracts, MOU or agreements that both parties agree to be bound by when signed electronically.

Use cases: Business contracts, contract for exchange of goods / services over internet.