Enterprise Signature Solutions

Case Studies

TRUECOPY solutions have proven to be particularly versatile, and are being used across multiple domains by close to 2000 clients. Companies large and small have found benefit in implementing or using our solutions. Many of them have signed tens of millions of documents without a hitch. We have given our clients solutions that best fit their signing needs, comply fully with the applicable Govt regulations, ensure the security of their documents and meet their performance benchmarks.A few of those case studies are listed below.

Chemicals Group of Companies

A leading Chemicals Group of Companies decided to solve their challenges with manual signing by setting up the centralized TRUESigner Enterprise Plus on their network. They used a folder based interface between their Oracle EBS system and the signature server. With this setup, they now sign their invoices and purchase orders from more than 50 locations (offices, factories and warehouses). They also sign ad-hoc documents using the same signature server.

Subsequently, their HR department decided to go paperless and use electronic signatures to sign letters and receive acknowledgment from candidates. Following the success of the parent entity, other group companies have started to use the same setup for their own signing needs.

Automotive Company

A globally successful Automotive Company wanted to automate signing of their invoices. This was mission critical for them. Without the signed invoice, their delivery trucks would stall and business would come to a stand still. They needed a robust and fail-safe solution that met their performance benchmarks. Invoices are generated from several applications like SAP ECC6 and Oracle R12 EBS and need to be signed in real time by multiple signers.

They opted for the TRUESigner Enterprise Plus solution deployed on their premise and integrated the signing APIs in their ERP systems. The PKI based signatures of signers were stored securely in a network HSM installed on the client’s LAN. They are now signing seamlessly 24x7 without any glitches.

FMCG brand

A global FMCG brand has several hundred distributors in various geographies. In order to make their operation much more efficient, they decided to opt for digital signatures to sign outbound documents and to receive signed inbound documents from their distributors. They opted for the big bang implementation approach of cloud based TRUESigner to completely eliminate the need for paper based documents and manual signatures. TRUESigner API was integrated into the brand’s custom ERP to enable real time and batch signing of documents. The distributors collectively sign over 1M documents each month.


During the pandemic, a large sized IT MNC was looking for a way to be able to effectively sign employee letters and vendor agreements online. After evaluating a few options, they concluded that TRUESigner eSignature solution would be a great fit for their requirement as it enabled multi-party electronic signatures and signing with USB tokens in a workflow that is pre-defined or set off on the fly. Unlike any other software it enabled them to sign documents in bulk which saved significant time for the signers from their senior leadership team. Since they signed up for this service they have rapidly added users as well as additional types of documents that they sign using this system. In this process they have achieved significant saving in costs too.

Ports and Logistics

A large multinational conglomerate of companies operating in diverse domains such as Ports and Logistics uses TRUESigner solutions for signing thousands of documents generated from 9 different applications (CRM/ERP/legacy) for 14 legal entities. They opted for a combination of the two approaches - integrated API as well as folder based interface. They further added 19 of their Mines and Minerals companies to use this setup for signing. This large scale digitization has helped this conglomerate to save huge costs, eliminate errors in processing paper based documents and improve the turn-around-time (TAT).