Truecopy Credentials Private Limited



To eliminate the use of paper by making digital signatures easy to use.


TRUECOPY.IN was founded by professionals with several decades of experience in the IT industry, specifically in Digital Security. We have built high grade solutions implementing state of art algorithms & standards that are being used extensively by government agencies, financial industry and by corporates. In the financial industry, our solutions have cummulatively processed documents whose value is in lakhs of crores of rupees.

We realized that there is an enormous number of paper documents ("true copies") being exchanged in B2B, B2C and C2B workflows today. With paper comes significant overhead in terms of resources, printing costs, stationery, storage space, transportation, and time; not to mention wastage and efforts associated with duplication of documents. We also realized that there is significant concern about the validity of paper documents, and no easy way to guarantee their authenticity. It was clear that a secure on-line platform would not only address these significant problems in a multitude of industry verticals, but also provide an eco-friendly alternative that would eliminate the use of paper. This was the genesis of TRUECOPY.IN.

We believe in providing exceptional client support. Our clients rely on us to bring to them innovation and ideas in the area of document authentication.



- CEO -

Sonia is the Founder & CEO of Truecopy. She is passionate about her vision of a paperless world and believes that digital signatures are key enablers of it. Sonia is responsible for client acquisition at Truecopy. Under her, the company has clocked multi-factor sales growths year-on-year. Prior to Truecopy, she co-founded and led the technology services startup OAS Information Systems up until its acquisition by a US based company. She is an avid reader and has been an early adopter of the kindle. She gets her dose of adrenalin rush from early morning workouts. Sonia has a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering.


- CTO -

Yogesh is the Chief Technology Officer at Truecopy. He is responsible for the architecture and development of our solutions. He brings with him over 18 years of rich experience in end-to-end software development of various embedded, e-commerce, enterprise and IOT solutions. During this time he has held senior technology positions at the leading companies in the US and India. He has been the co-founder of Infinishare Technologies. Yogesh is a wizard when it comes to technology. In his free time and otherwise too he writes magical code. Yogesh has completed his B.E in Computer Engineering from the University of Pune.


- Head - Client Services -

Anand heads Client Services at Truecopy including Customer Support. He believes that happy customers are the key to on-going success. In the past, he has co-founded and managed successful startups such as Testchip Technologies & Intigma Inc as well as couple of unsuccessful ones (which shall remain un-named). Anand has a B.Tech from IIT Bombay (awarded the Inst Medal for Elec Engg) and a Ph.D. (Calif Inst of Tech). He has published a number of technical papers in leading International Journals. He regularly consults for governmental and private entities on emerging technologies.


- AVP Sales -

Raviraj is AVP - Sales at Truecopy. He has over 7 Years experience in Marketing and Sales Activities. He looks after Client Acquisition and Customer Relation Management in several verticals. When not selling he is keeps himself busy with online management games. Raviraj has completed his engineering from Government College of Engineering, Karad and MBA from Pune University.


- AVP Business Dev -

Kapil has worked in various levels and positions in a career spanning 14 years. Starting with basic Telephonic Pre-Sales he has also worked on Business Development, Marketing and Branding. He has experience in International Marketing and contributed to Market Analysis, Lead Generation & Partner management for Web-applications, ERP and Custom Software for South-East Asia, North America & EU. Apart from Selling as passion he also has interest in Arts, Painting and Cars . Kapil holds an MBA in International Marketing from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune.


- AVP Sales -

Mahesh Mitkari is AVP - Sales at Truecopy, with responsibility for client acquisition in several verticals. Prior to joining Truecopy, he has worked for several years in sales, marketing and business development in startups and mid-sized companies. Mahesh holds a MBA from the University of Pune.